Important message from Business Manager

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This year’s Presidential election is approaching quickly. It is so important for us to exercise our right to vote, and who we vote for is our personal choice.

I really feel obligated to share with you how I intend to vote and why. I realize that many of you do not care for either the Republican or Democratic likely nominee, and opinion polls support this fact. We must keep in mind this election determines who leads our nation and the free world and is not a personality contest.

The facts are clear, Donald Trump opposes our right to have a union. He uses union labor for his construction projects in New York and New Jersey, because, like all other developers, he has to in those areas. Everywhere else he uses non-union labor including in constructing a $200 million hotel project at the site of the historical old U.S. Postal Service site in our Nation’s capital. It is purported that not only is he using non-union workers, but is also using undocumented workers.  Mr. Trump drives down the wages and benefits of workers in the construction industry whenever he can.

 The appointment of U.S. Supreme Court judges by the next President of the United States will have tremendous impact on unions well into our future.  These are lifetime appointments.  Mr. Trump released a list of judges he would appoint to the U.S. Supreme Court. Among the list are judges who would be the most anti-worker, anti-union we are likely to ever experience.  They are justices committed to rule to make it easier to destroy our pensions, outlaw project labor agreements, expand union busting “right to work” laws and cut your wages and benefits. Trump has made statements that he fights unions “very hard.”  Trump stated he favors a national so called “right to work” law to take funding away from unions making them less effective.

 Despite how working people took a beating throughout the Great Recession, Mr. Trump has stated our wages are too high, yet according to the Tax Policy Center (an independent research group), he promises big tax breaks for those making more than $3.7 million a year. They analyze Trump will drive up our deficit by $9.5 trillion all for the benefit of the super-rich leaving the cost to working people and their children.

As you know our international has endorsed Hillary Clinton for President, but I want to tell you it’s not about whether or not we “like” her, our decision has to be about what is best for our families, our union and our country.

 We cannot let Trump use guns, religion, or bathrooms to gain the support of our members.  This election is not about a candidate that would take away our guns, it’s about defeating a candidate that wants to take away our unions, our worker rights, our wages and benefits and our ability to care for our families.

 As a proud member of Insulators Local 2, I am asking that you stand with me in supporting Hillary Clinton for President and telling Mr. Trump in a loud and clear voice “You’re fired!”

In Solidarity,

James Cassidy

Business Manager Insulators Local 2

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