Pensioners Club

The Local 2 Pensioners Club is a fraternal organization comprised of retired Insulators, spouses, and widows/ers from Local 2 whose main purpose is to provide a place to socialize with old friends from Local 2.The director of the Pensioners Club is Retired Local 2 member Jim Gable.                                                                                  


Jimmy Gable is the Humble leader of the Pensioners club.  Jimmy says in addressing the ball, "take care to do so with the center of the face of the club, that is, at the desired point of contact. Some awkward eccentricities may frequently be observed on the tee. A player may be seen addressing his ball from the toe of the driver, and I have even noticed the address being made with the head of the club quite inside the ball, while in other cases it is the heel of the club which is applied to the object to be struck. Please feel free to ask me for any golfing advice, I'm always here to help".


  Tommy Hoolahan demonstrates a full shot with a   cleek.  It is high time we came to consider the iron clubs that are in our bag. His play with the irons is a fine test of the golfer. It calls for extreme skill and delicacy, and the man who is surest with these implements is generally surest of his match. The fathers of golf had no clubs with metal heads, and for a long time after they came into use there was a lingering prejudice against them; but in these days there is no man so bold as to say that any long hole can always be played so well. The man who has never stood upon the tee with a sturdy rival near him and driven a perfect ball, the hands having followed well through and finished nicely up against the head, while the little white speck in the distance, after skimming the earth for a time, now rises and soars upwards, clearing all obstacles, and seeming to revel in its freedom and speed until at last it dips gracefully back to earth again—I say that the man who has not done this thing has missed one of the joys of life.


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