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Insulators Local 2 training center provides state-of-the-art training that covers all aspects of the trade.  Our apprentices and members are trained in industrial, commercial and cryogenic work.

Industrial applies to all types of industries, such as chemical process, petro-chemical, metal and other process industries, liquid organic heating systems, steam condensing cycles, high temperature hot water systems, etc. The commercial field includes buildings, building services and refrigerated spaces. Cryogenics is the field of low temperature service, such as required by the liquefied gases, generally below minus 100 F.

Our Highly experienced trainers provide EPA certified initial and recurring Asbestos Abatement training.  Certified Insulators safely remove asbestos from schools, hospitals, power plants, chemical and industrial facilities.

Our instructors keep up to date with all the latest materials and techniques to ensure all of our members are highly trained.

Apprentices and journey-persons are provided OSHA 10 hour and 30 hour classes by our certified instructors.

Infectious Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) is provided to all members.

For years Local 2’s training and education programs have assured highly skilled and properly trained technicians for all insulation services. 

Our training center provides advanced math, blueprint interpretation, application techniques, pattern layout, welding, workplace safety and supervisory and management skills. The bottom line is we provide training to make our students the most safe, highly skilled professionals in the industry.

For more information please call our training director Bill Birmingham at (724) 788-1913

Raymond Tuttle Master Instructor

Edward Seiler Master Instructor

Insulators Local No.2
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