Caroselli Beachler & Coleman are True Pioneers of Hope in Asbestos and Mesothelioma 

Caroselli Beachler and Coleman

As the working environments continually improve in the construction and allied trades, more workers are aware of the risks to asbestos exposure. Every year in the U.S., there are still 2,500-3,000 mesothelioma diagnosis which affect union workers, spouses and families. The detrimental effects of asbestos exposure can takes decadesCaroselli Beachler & Coleman, LLC helps victims navigate the challenges of proving asbestos exposure by examining each unique case.  

Sponsors for the Insulators Local #2 5K Walk/Run for Mesothelioma, Caroselli Beachler & Coleman, LLC launched its firm in 1972 and focuses on an array of specialized cases from personal injury, workers’ compensation, social security disability, medical malpractice and asbestos cancer & mesothelioma. Notably, the law firm was one of the first to file a law suit against asbestos manufacturers. Throughout the past 45 years of existence, the law firm helps to protect Insulators Local #2 members throughout Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and other states. 

The attorneys at Caroselli Beachler & Coleman, LLC have represented thousands of workers by assessing complex cases, conducting investigations and building compelling cases against manufacturers and suppliers to hold them accountable for their negligence. Awareness and accountability are key initiatives in the evolution of safety for union workers and the attorneys at Caroselli are leading experts in providing the complete support in the range of legal options for victims.  

Craig Coleman, partner at Caroselli, focuses on asbestos caused lung cancer and mesothelioma cases. Coleman says, “There is no safe level of exposure to asbestos. It’s a creeping disease in the fact that from exposure to diagnosis, it can take up to 30 to 40 years to develop an asbestos related disease.” 

Many of Coleman’s clients are workers from all trades. Providing compensation for union workers and their families can help with the costly effects of medical treatment options for asbestos disease victims and more. 

Coleman says, “We support numerous activities, including 5k walks sponsored by Local 2, to raise awareness of the harmful effects of asbestos exposure to the hard working workers, spouses, and their families.”  Insulators Local #2 is proud to have proactive partnerships and uplifting relationships to help all those in need.  

Caroselli Beachler and Coleman


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