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Construction and allied industries pave the way for changing landscapes in the region. Insulators Local No. 2 helps to keep up with evolving trends, whether it’s through physical or digital means. Apps are changing the opportunities for interaction and engagement, and Insulators Local No. 2 has the app industry leaders need in order to get the job done right. 

            Why do businesses need an app? In a world of increasing connectivity and use of smartphones, it is important to have every opportunity to showcase talent and work on any platform available, wherever the job may take you. Local No. 2 wants to maximize its reach to clients, contractors and workers in order make its resources readily available at one’s fingertips, quite literally.  

Apps are becoming a direct form of digital interaction and access to a business’ resources. Insulators Local No. 2 is proud to launch its own platform of information and communication to its users. It’s easy to download and navigate right from the screen of the smartphone. The app is our one-stop-shop for contact information, location services, website access and more! Connect with coworkers and friends by checking on upcoming events, like celebrating our Founder’s Day Picnic in August.  

Among its digital amenities, Insulators Local 2 has its own community, and our app allows every user to send messages, post comments, showcase gallery photos, and connect through Facebook, Instagram & Twitter all in one, unified place.  

Have you recently completed or are working on a project you want to share with us? It’s as quick and convenient as a capturing the moment itself! Underneath “shared photos, upload your photo directly from your camera roll to share your #UnionMade experience and work for everyone to see right on the app. It’s a next-level of communication of a centralized system for union workers and industry professionals to easily connect and constantly be visible to future business opportunities. Not only is it a great asset for internal communication, but outside prospects can also download the app in order to learn more of the power and talent Insulators Local No. 2 shapes around the region.  

Having the app builds a foundation for the future, and Insulators Local No. 2 continues to strive for excellence through innovative construction technologies and trends. Wherever work takes you, download and open the app today in order to have constant accessibility to your every Insulator Local No. 2 need 


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