JJ Seiler Brings Experience and Passion To Local 2 Leadership Team

Last month, JJ Seiler was appointed as our organization’s new Director of Business Development. Although new to this position, JJ has held many leadership roles within the trade in the last 34 years. From serving as foreman on many jobsites, to his more recent years as an instructor in the apprenticeship program, he has had hands-on experience in almost every aspect of the trade.

“There are no surprises. My years of experience have already allowed me to develop the strong relationships with customers, contractors, and members that are necessary to succeed in this role,” says Seiler.  

If the position of Director of Business Development sounds new, that’s because it is.  Formerly known as “Organizer”, this title has been newly designed to reflect the changes in the current business climate. Seiler understands that he has big shoes to fill, but he is grateful to have learned from working with the previous leaders who’ve held the “Organizer” position. When reflecting on continuing where his predecessors left off, Seiler is reminded of one of his favorite quotes by Isaac Newton: “If I can see further, it’s because I stand on the shoulders of giants.”  

One thing that cannot be overstated is the passion that Seiler brings to this new role. As a fourth-generation union insulator, he knows the value of what we do and why we work so hard to be able to do it. 

“Everything I have in this life is because of this trade.” Seiler adds. 

Previously, as an instructor, he emphasized not only teaching the skills of the trade, but instilling solidarity and unionism in young apprentices. He is bringing that same level of union pride to his current position. Knowing that the market share has shifted from organized labor over the years, he’s eager to join in the fight to bring it back where it belongs: to the union!  

“If we want what we used to have, we have to do things we’ve never done,” Seiler says, about thinking outside of the box to help regain the market share. 

He looks to hit the ground running by exploring new avenues to expand into different areas. This will help to diversify our local and enhance the value we bring to contractors. In addition to assisting with the evolution of the organization, Seiler wants to bring more awareness to the trade.  

“Unfortunately, too many people don’t know enough about who we are and what we do, and that needs to change. Next year marks 120 years we’ve been in existence and providing quality work for our customers and a prosperous future for our members.” 


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