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Sixty kilometers east of Turin, Italy, nestled on the shore of the Po River sits the Italian town of Casale Monferrato. For centuries this community has been the important centre of the Piedmont Region of Italy and today boasts a beautiful bounty of rich history and beautiful architecture. However, for over 80 years Casale Monferrato and all its’ citizens were buried in clouds of asbestos fibres from the manufacturing of fibre cement products by the Eternit factory. For those eight decades the community was destroyed by the cynicism of those who, for the sake of profits, did not hesitate to put in danger the health of the employees, their relatives and of all of those, who by simply living in the town, were forced to breath this dust of death. The last century has resulted in Casale Monferrato being known as the epicentre of mesothelioma and asbestos disease.


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