Raising your union voice with voting

The Local 2 elections are right around the corner. Use your union voice with the power of voting!

With Local 2 elections right around the corner, it is important to use your union voice with the power of voting. This year, the Local 2 elections will be held on March 18, 2022, from 12-8 PM at the Insulators Union Hall. Get ready to cast your vote!

 Voting is an essential part of American civic duty, especially within Local 2. It helps to collectively shape what’s important in people’s lives and how societal and economic policies are formulated to benefit the greater good. Participating in elections and utilizing one’s voice is one of the key freedoms of democratic life. As the ballot gets cast this March, be sure to choose the right candidate, because voting matters in electing the right and fit candidate. If you do not take this opportunity to vote, it will be a vote wasted and does not implement change accurately. Plus, be sure to not bank on your preferred person being elected. Get out and vote yourself!

 Elections help pave way for an equitable future. Anyone can come to the table with a good, impactful idea, and that’s how changes are made over time. Voting ensures equitable measures so that no one takes advantage of the system. Local 2’s standards on raising one’s union voice helps to empower its brothers and sister and creates a fair playing field for being heard. By staying informed and playing an active role in the leadership of Local 2, members can utilize their union right to vote smart and help shape the future for all fairly.

 We will see you at the Insulators Union Hall ready to cast your vote and good luck to all trying to make a difference!


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