Ready for launch: manage your healthcare needs with the Wex Health HRA smartphone application!

Screenshot of Insulators App

We are ready for launch! The updated Wex Health HRA smartphone application for Insulators Local 2 members is officially available at your fingertips. This application can be downloaded through your Google or Apple App stores. (Key Search Words: ASB, HRA).

The newly updated app will allow members who have an HRA balance to submit receipts, check current balances, and follow any claim activity on their accounts. FYI, the login information is the same for anyone who currently accesses the Wex Health website. If you are a new user, you can create new login credentials using the app as well. **Please keep in mind the previous app must be deleted and the new app downloaded in order for these services to work.

Once you are logged into their account, the application allows you to update your profile on the application. Members can contact customer service, organize documents, manage debit cards, enable face ID, and learn about member privacy practices when using the app.

Have questions on your Asbestos Workers Local 2 HRA? Find this information at the top of the home section labeled “My Accounts.” From there, you can check your available balance as well as your account activity as to when a claim submission was posted or when you employer last contributed to your account threshold.

Next, members can view and upload receipts. Select “View and Upload Receipt’s” and click the white plus sign in the blue circle (bottom right corner) to choose your receipt upload method. Easy!

In addition to the application, members can see if they need further action for uploading receipts underneath the “Tasks” section. Members can see which healthcare place requires further action on claims requiring receipts.

Lastly, Local 2 members can check their account overview by selecting “Account Overview” on the home screen. Organized by an easy-to-read pie chart, members can see the paid claims by category that includes dental, medical, and pharmacy, depending on their specific healthcare plan.

The application is a first among union members and will enhance the way you handle your own healthcare needs while on-the-go! If you are having trouble accessing either the website or the app, please contact the Central Data Services (CDS) funds office at the number below:

Fund Office: 412-586-0224.

***Areas of these images were blacked out to protect the privacy of this user’s account. These images are intended for educational purposes only on how to use the Wex Health HRA smartphone application. ***


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