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In honor of this week’s Tradeswomen Build Nations (TWBN) Conference in Las Vegas, the largest gathering of tradeswomen in the world, it is only fitting to feature one of our own tradeswomen working in the field today. Local 2 Journeywoman Mechanic, Samantha Lippert-Kendall, encompasses what the trades can do to attract more women, as well as squash some misconceptions about female journeywomen.

Sam believes that the key to getting more women into the building trades is to inform them about these types of careers at an early age, and outreach is key.

“Outreach is a huge part of educating people on what the union is all about. Trade schools and apprenticeship programs need to start earlier and offer education beyond the tool belt, she recommends.”

Sam touts that there are many perks to being a part of a union like Local 2, and She highlights financial prosperity, top notch healthcare, and taking part in collective bargaining as some of the key benefits of being an insulator.

Attracting more women in the industry helps bring diversity and a fresh prospective to the job. Women considering a career in the trades may feel intimidated about entering a male dominated field, but Sam stresses that female representation is not only welcome but greatly needed.

“Don’t give in to pressures surrounding the stigma of being a woman in a male dominated field because there is, and always will be, a place for you there! Women have different attributes, attitudes and views to bring to the table. She said”

The TWBN or NABTU purpose is to create more work opportunities, achieve family-sustaining wages and protect labor, training, safety, retirement and benefit standards, not just for the members of its14 national and international union affiliates, but for all construction workers. This conference is the largest gathering of tradeswomen in the world. Since its inception, our union has been dedicated to evolving and progressing in the industry with a diverse and inclusive approach. We are proud to be present at this event promoting inclusion


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