EAP: Free, Easy and Confidential

Throughout Local 2’s history, we’ve always been dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of our members both on and off the jobsite. In recent years, we’ve put extra emphasis on our members’ mental well-being. One of the most under-utilized resources available to our Insulators under their benefits plan is the Employee Assistance Program.  

“The old school way of thinking is done. Our brothers and sisters need to take advantage of free resources like EAP.” says Local 2 Business Manager Jim Cassidy. 

Cassidy has always been an advocate for promoting mental health within the organization. For members that have yet to use the EAP through Support Linc, it allows members to receive help with their emotional well-being as well as work life balance. This can include assistance dealing with anxiety, depression, grief, loss, substance abuse and much more.  

Excuses for not using mental health services can include not having the time, being embarrassed of one’s struggles and high out of pocket costs. But with EAP, these concerns have been eliminated. First, EAP is completely confidential. SupportLinc follows strict standards to protect a member’s privacy. No one, including your employer, will know you’ve accessed the program unless you specifically grant that permission.  

If you feel like your time is limited, the EAP is completely accessible and flexible. SupportLinc allows users to speak to licensed counselors on their own terms. Whether you’re comfortable texting, talking over the phone or setting up an in-person consultation, the program is convenient to use for anyone’s schedule. The SupportLinc phone lines are open 24/7 and the program includes three face-to-face sessions with a counselor free of charge.  

“We need to make sure mental health is top priority for everyone. If you’re having problems, please talk to somebody. Your mental health can have a direct effect on your physical health” says Cassidy. 

The Employee Assistance Program is free, accessible and completely discreet for Local 2 members. Call SupportLinc today at 1-888-881-5462 or text “Support” to 51230 to begin taking control of your mental health.  


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